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Experienced. Creative.
Compassionate. Results-Driven.

You dove in, stepped forward, spoke out. Your generosity and enthusiasm is contagious. 

You are changing lives, saving habitats, supporting progress. Your cause matters.

Do not stop now.

You CAN build and sustain awareness for your cause. You CAN raise funds and win grants to support your mission. You CAN attract volunteers and donors. You CAN strengthen communities and transform lives.

How do we know? We know because we've seen it before. Conundrum can help you.


Conundrum Consulting has been instrumental in helping us tell our story to funders and volunteers. We have relied on Erin for several successful grant proposals, annual reports, giving campaigns, event support and more. She is a skilled writer and out-of-the-box thinker. She mixes her broad marketing background with decades serving nonprofits to bring solutions and ideas seamlessly to our team.

Jensie Gobel
Inua Partners in Hope

When our administration turned to Erin with a unique need to mentor several classes of at-risk freshman, she ran with it. She researched similar programs at other schools, compiled effective training materials, created the messaging and materials to recruit volunteers, and then served as the point-person to ensure the program ran smoothly its first year. Our drive to meet the needs of this targeted population became her drive. I found her to be highly organized, innovative and dependable.

Dr. Orvie Mizzell-Bullock
Seminole County Public Schools


What's in our wheelhouse?


Technical & Creative Writing

Grants, annual reports, newsletters, web content, social media text, mailings, brochures, billboards, voice over scripts.  You get the idea. We're storytellers.

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Planning & Executing Events

Conundrum can be your sounding board, support system or turn-key operator for everything from fundraising events to board retreats.

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Branding & Strategy

Research, plan, report, strategize. We love stepping back to see your big picture, then zooming in to define each detail needed to make it happen.

You are one step closer to turning your vision into reality.
Reach out today. I can't wait to hear about your nonprofit.


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